Ridiculous Swimsuits, I think not!

23 Jul

I’m from Miami, so naturally I’m very protective and proud of the beautiful city I call home. Miami recently had their Swim week, which I sadly missed but Yahoo posted an article with a slideshow of the most ridiculous swimsuits. Now I want to know what these people think of as ridiculous. Its Miami! The more ridiculous the better.

I’ll give it to them though, some of these bathing suits aren’t what you would call practical, like this one..
Can’t imagine how those tan lines would look!


But the teal one, I LOVE. It’s sexy and vibrant. It does look more like lingerie but gorgeous none the less. So what these people call ridiculous, I call MIAMI!!! Embrace those curves!

Check out the Yahoo Article to see other “ridiculous” swimsuits.


One Response to “Ridiculous Swimsuits, I think not!”

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