Redecoration on a budget

25 Jul

This week I am attempting to put some life on the walls of my room, however, being a student puts me on a really tight budget. I wanted a piece of decor that I could center everything around. I went to Target and found a set of wall frames with a collage of vintage images on it.  I fell in love with these pieces because I loved the light pastel colors and the vintage feminine images it has. I splurged on those because they are $20 each. I put those up first ( to cover a really ugly hole I made in the wall).

Purchased at Target. $20 each.

I decided to create a collage of frames on the wall above the bed. My favorite things to decorate my walls with are frames and photographs (especially polaroids). I went to Goodwill and bought some 50 cent wooden frames and colored them with acrylic craft paint, courtesy of Michael’s arts & crafts store. I chose to stick to a color scheme similar to the frames I bought. I chose baby pink, teal, razzle red, and french vanilla. 


Because I haven’t printed any photos of friends and family recently, I played around with floral scrapbook paper and decoupage for the inside of the frames. Then I hung everything up and it really brought some color to the wall. I plan on adding things here and there but with cheap craft paint and wooden frames, I was able to bring my personality into my plain boring walls rather quickly. I will definitely be adding some Vogue spreads and magazine covers to the wall. Can’t forget the fashion!


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