Linda Evangelista, Mama diva?

4 Aug

Former Supermodel, Linda Evangelista is reportedly asking billionaire Francois Henri-Pinault , aka baby daddy, for $46,000 a MONTH in child support, claiming “that $46,000 is the minimum required to provide for young Augustin in the manner to which he has grown accustomed”. Well he better become unaccustomed real quick. I think that’s absolutely ridiculous. A 4-year-old is happy playing inside a cardboard box.

I was curious as to where all this money would go and the Wall Street Journal asked president of Aston-Pearl, the New York-based lifestyle-management firm for wealthy families, to break it down. Read the article for yourself {WSJ}. It really upsets me that all this money is being spent on a lavish lifestyle that a toddler doesn’t even understand. Must the child wear Chanel to play with his three nannies?? Let’s come back down to earth Linda.


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