Cruisin in the Caribbean

18 Aug

My first trip to the Caribbean was quite an adventure. The seven day cruise on Allure of the Seas took me and my grandmother to Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. I was actually not impressed with the islands or the shopping. The landscapes were amazing but the towns were run down and not taken care of. BUT I took a taxi ride to Atlantic Paradise Resort, and that was the highlight of my trip. The resort is secluded on the coast and so big and luxurious! I’m definitely going back to vacation there. Not to mention thats where the Olsen twins starred in their movie “Holiday in the Sun“, which I was always obsessed with.

I had never been on a Caribbean cruise before so I had no idea there were nights on the ship where people would dress up and go to a formal dinner or nice shows. I definitely did not pack enough formal attire.  My grandmother and I ended up sitting at a little cafe and people watching. We came to the conclusion that when it comes to formal/nightclub attire, dresses are definitely a preference. Women don’t wear pants or skirts like they used to. Sky high platform pumps are really popular among tweens, shocker. I saw 13 and 12 year olds running around thinking they were Kim Kardashian. Also discovered that along with owning a little black dress, all women should carry a pair of reliable nude pumps.

None the less, I had a great time watching people, soaking up the sun, and SHOPPING!!
Take a look..


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