Alcohol-Ink Candle

15 Sep

I decided today to make Alcohol-ink candles. I really enjoy candles so there are tons of them all over my apartment. My mom gave me some candles recently that were plain vanilla. I decided to jazz them up with alcohol-ink to add some color to my nightstand. It’s really easy to do and really fun. Alcohol-ink can be bought from a craft store, and they come in an assortment of colors. I chose a pack of stream blue, plum, and butterscotch.

First, you need a container to roll the candle in the ink. The ink will stain so I would suggest a foil tray. Choose a base color and pour it into the tray. Roll the candle in the ink until it is completely covered.

After the first candle was done.

Once you have covered the candle completely in ink, you set it aside to dry. When completely dry, you choose another color and let it drip from the top of the candle. This is where you can go crazy and make any design you want.

And Vuala ! A funky, colorful and customized candle. These are going to be my christmas gifts to family this year. Clever, I know.


One Response to “Alcohol-Ink Candle”

  1. Anne S Bailey April 23, 2018 at 6:37 AM #

    Love your candles! Remember to save the foil to be used on a later project. You can spray 91% alcohol on it to reconstitute the ink!

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