Short film on Modelland

17 Sep

A lot of people say Tyra banks is overrated, full of herself, and fake. I personally have great admiration for this woman. I’ve grown up watching Tyra Banks from when she was a model, to when she was in ‘Life Size’ with Lindsay Lohan playing a doll that came to life, to every single season of America’s Next Top Model. I’ve always looked up to her. I think she is a beautiful person with a very beautiful message. I believe she is sincere in her attempts to change the lives of young girls and the fashion industry. I honestly was not excited about reading a fictional book about the fantasy world of super models, but after watching this video filmed by James Conran, it changed my whole perspective on her concept. I’m really excited to read it and find out how Tyra’s experiences with the cut throat fashion industry inspired the events in the book.


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