Chicken Quesadilla

6 Oct

In an attempt to eat healthier and add more variety to my diet, I ventured into hispanic culture and made a mouth watering chicken quesadilla. It was actually a lot easier than I thought. It was actually so easy and delicious that I had it two days in a row. Here’s my quick recipe for a healthy home made quesadilla.


1 Tomato

1 chicken breast

Olive oil

Baby spinach leaves

Four cheese Mexican blend

2 tortillas.

Sour cream


1. Chicken breast needs to be cooked before hand. Put 2 teaspoons of olive oil on a skillet and set to medium heat. Cut up thawed chicken breast and place on skillet then season with Adobo all purpose seasoning or any seasoning of your choice. Cook on the skillet until golden brown. Then set aside in a bowl.

2. Reduce heat. On one tortilla spread one tablespoon of sour cream then place the tortilla on the skillet, sour cream facing up.

3. Chop up desired amount of tomato and spinach. Sprinkle it around the tortilla along with the chicken pieces and cheese.

4. Close it off with the second tortilla. When the bottom gets crispy, flip over to get the other side just as crispy (or to your liking but the softer, the more difficult it will be for the ingredients to stay together) to melt all ingredients together (especially the cheese yum!). To make things easier, you could use a foreman grill or sandwich iron.

5. Serve it on a plate, cut it into 4 and enjoy!


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