Graduation Wish List

28 Nov

I’m 19 days away from graduation and the anticipation is mounting to say the least.  Miami is home (although I may be secretly having an affair with New York), so I can’t wait to start a new life and be closer to my family.

As this day approaches, there has been chaos in the family, gotta love hispanics. “Where is everyone going to sleep?” “What are we going to serve for the dinner and where are they all going to sit?” “Gotta hide the snakes before your grandmother comes up!”

Luckily I’ve had a great excuse to stay completely out of it, need to concentrate on school! One thing I couldn’t escape is the pressing topic of graduation gifts. I always feel so terrible telling people what to give to me. It really doesn’t take much to make me happy, honestly.  But nonetheless I decided to make things easier and create a ‘Things I really want but haven’t been able to afford’ List.
So here are a few of my favorite things….

a. Chanel: A Woman of her Own $20
b. Fashionista: A Century of Style Icons $20
c. Influence: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen $15
d. Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austin $13
e. Social Media Management: Robert Wollan $20
f. Style Book: Elizabeth Walker $30
g. What’s New Cupcake? : $11 

a. Martha Stewart scrapbook album: $23
b. Pandora Charm A :$30 
c. Textured Bib Necklace: $10
d. Starbucks reusable cup: $17 
e.Pink Sugar perfume: $29
f. Pandora elephant charm: $35  
g.  Embellished Envelope Clutch: $29
h. Rose frame: $10  
i. Green Knit Headband: $6
j. Forever21 Gift Card
k.  Magnetic Organizer: $9


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