Photo Studio Open For Business

15 Dec

Recently I decided to venture into the photography world and start my own studio with a good friend of mine. The name is not yet settled but I’m really excited to say the least. I’ve been wanting to do photography for a very long time, but never had the time because of school. Not a problem anymore since I graduate in two days! Oh yea, couldn’t be more excited!

So we decided that we want to concentrate on family portraits for now, that way we can payback the equipment we bought but eventually we will move on to modeling. We’re currently looking for girls who want to model and build their portfolio. I’ve done some shoots in the past but now I’m looking forward to diving into it for reals! Take a look at our Facebook page and browse through some really cool shots.

I was hoping to get a job at a modeling agency right after graduation but haven’t heard anything yet. So photography is at the forefront of my mind again, which means you’ll be seeing a lot more of it here on my blog. I will be using Mauve and Moody as a bulletin board for photos and ideas. Feel free to comment and give me any advice or critique.

Here are a few shots I’ve done in the past.  You can see the progression, from a manual black & white to a DSLR.


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