Valentine’s Day Gifts

4 Feb

Usually I’m really excited for Valentine’s day, especially since my birthday is the day before. There is something about the abundance of chocolate and red hearts that gets my all giddy. These past few years however, I haven’t been excited for V day at all. It just seems to be another thing I have to think about. But this year I’m doing something different, I’m not going all out on a Valentine’s day gift but instead getting my Valentine something simple. There’s so much stress over ‘the gift’ that people forget what it’s really about, love.

While brainstorming my simple yet sweet gift idea, I came up with a list of things that I think would make anyone happy.

{For her: A new notebook with a little something written by you inside telling her how much you love her. }

{ For him & her: A personalized coupon book that you can make yourself to say anything you want. Be creative ; ) with it. }

{ For him & herScandal Body Massage Oil & Candle. Who would turn down a back rub, seriously? }

{ For him: a personalized photo frame for his nightstand or desk. }

{ For her & him: a photo collage is always a unique & fun gift that’s very personal. Plus its always so fun looking back at all the good times. }

{ For him & her: I don’t care how cliche it is, chocolate for any occasion is great, and you can’t go wrong with Lindor Truffles! }

{For him & her: My personal favorite, homemade chocolate covered strawberries, while spending quality time together }


One Response to “Valentine’s Day Gifts”

  1. Cate February 11, 2012 at 9:11 AM #

    Hey have you looked at the lovely designer kaftans, at blue mojito and embellished tunics

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