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Lacey Sunday Nail Art

1 Apr

This weekend was surprisingly eventful and relaxing. Saturday I attended an 80s themed birthday party where I rocked the white socks and black loafers Jackson style. Sunday was a nice relaxing day by the pool and of course, nail art! This lace pattern is one of my favorite designs to use. It may sound silly but beautifully designed nails gives my Mondays a little bit of excitement that gets me through the day.


80s Style Inspiration

31 Mar

So I just found out my neighbor is having a surprise party in which the theme is one of my all time favorite, 80s! This is a great opportunity to round up some killer styles that ruled the decade and reminisce on those classic films like Pretty in Pink.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

4 Feb

Usually I’m really excited for Valentine’s day, especially since my birthday is the day before. There is something about the abundance of chocolate and red hearts that gets my all giddy. These past few years however, I haven’t been excited for V day at all. It just seems to be another thing I have to think about. But this year I’m doing something different, I’m not going all out on a Valentine’s day gift but instead getting my Valentine something simple. There’s so much stress over ‘the gift’ that people forget what it’s really about, love.

While brainstorming my simple yet sweet gift idea, I came up with a list of things that I think would make anyone happy.

{For her: A new notebook with a little something written by you inside telling her how much you love her. }

{ For him & her: A personalized coupon book that you can make yourself to say anything you want. Be creative ; ) with it. }

{ For him & herScandal Body Massage Oil & Candle. Who would turn down a back rub, seriously? }

{ For him: a personalized photo frame for his nightstand or desk. }

{ For her & him: a photo collage is always a unique & fun gift that’s very personal. Plus its always so fun looking back at all the good times. }

{ For him & her: I don’t care how cliche it is, chocolate for any occasion is great, and you can’t go wrong with Lindor Truffles! }

{For him & her: My personal favorite, homemade chocolate covered strawberries, while spending quality time together }

Thursday Obsession

12 Jan

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately at home relaxing, which has given me a chance to do things I really enjoy, like listen to music and catch up with TV shows.

My current music obsession is M83, specifically this amazing song, Midnight City! The video is kind of creepy but I can’t stop listening to it.


My current TV show obsession is Jane by Design on abc family. It is centered on a high school girl juggling her life as a teenager, and the life of an assistant to a major design house director. There’s fashion, there’s photo shoots, and there’s cute awkward love triangles, I’m hooked already {they had me at the first outfit}. Highly recommend this show!

On abc family Tuesdays @ 9/8c

When Navy meets Tangerine

11 Jan

Bee of Design's Blog

Blue has always drawn my eye. There is something about the calm richness of the hue that makes me so happy. Navy in particular. Sophisticated yet unexpected. It looks good on everyone and is a great neutral alternative to my normal gray.

My resurgence for the love of navy came from the latest addition of Elle Decor ‘trend alert‘. Mixing their forecast with Pantone’s color of the year Tangerine is a quite amazing mix of color. Though I don’t think I could pull off an outfit out of the orange, I would indeed like to try little pops of it in my nails or a luxurious snake-skin bangles.

But why stop at fashion? It looks smashing on the walls and sofas as well. This color combo just might be a game changer for me.

blazer, shift dress, navy purse, nail polish, bangles, velvet pumps

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Free nail polish !

6 Jan


ImageWhile researching marketing and advertising firms I want to apply to, I came across this one agency in New York that seems like the perfect place I would love to spend 40 hours a week in, Cameo PR.

I started following them on twitter and today they tweeted about how to get your hands on free nail polish. Zoya is giving away 2 free nail polishes on their website to every customer. All you have to do is type in the code ZOYA2012 at checkout to receive it free, just pay shipping.

It beats going out and buying two nail polishes separately. They also have a TON of colors to choose from! I decided on a neutral tone Anne and a tangerine color called Jancyn. 
Fore more details, Refinery 29 has got you covered.  

Red Blazer Shoot

2 Jan

I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot in an abandoned aquatic research center last week. My friend Danny and I walked through some pretty sketch forest area to get to the burned down, graffiti covered research site. The model, Diana, brought some wardrobe selections, but I fell in love with this red blazer. I just loved the way it popped against the background. Let me know what you think!
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